Born in Guiyang, China
Live and work in Oakland, CA

I was born and raised in Guiyang, China where mountains, trees, and rivers surrounded me. When I was a teenager, I was always interested in rock ‘n roll and western art. I moved to the United States in my early twenties. Now, after more than a decade here, I’m still heavily influenced by rock ‘n roll and western art, but Chinese culture is still at my root and enjoy
my Chinglish life more than ever.

My work explores several themes, many sensitive and emotional. As a gay artist, male figures are present. And I often feature myself as a subject to express sentiments of solitude, longing, sadness and the sense of isolation. To give these ideas my own voice, I combine these elements with traditional themes of Chinese art, including nature and poetry.

Fabric, rice paper, strings, crystals, and Chinese ink are often used in my framed artwork, murals, and installations.
I’m always exploring different materials and styles, too.