170" x 42"
Ink on rice paper with swarovski crystals
Installation at Alley Cat bookstore, San Francisco, CA

Inspired by a popular Chinese poem, the text displayed here means 
"people often cry because they can't be with people they love and miss."
It is often set to music and heard during holidays, including Chinese New Year.
Using the poem as a starting point, Gao made the text half filled to represent
the idea of the helpless hoping that eventually will be washed away, 
and the only thing left is an empty shell.

生死同行/ We are one
160" x 50"
Ink on rice paper with red-strings
Installation at Magnet, San Francisco, CA

思念 / Miss you
140" x 480"
Paint on wall with red paper
Installation at Asian Art Museum, San Francisco, CA

"Wind blows gentaly
Birds fly above
Looking at the sky
I think about you again"